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Name:Gerald Elliott
Address:556 Finchley Road London
Country:United Kingdom
Phone No:07973889558
Cell No:07973889558
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Gerald Elliott
Gerald is acting CEO of World-Markets in the London offices, which launched in March 2011. The World-Markets Internet site has been positioned as 'the' platform for companies looking to promote their products and services to the "Global village" and lists a growing portfolio of companies across Europe, USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and the Far East.
Gerald has been an active member of the Creative Agency scene in London for over 20 years. During this period he has held the role of Creative Director with a number of leading design/advertising agencies and has worked on a wide range of campaigns for household names across most business sectors.
He is a founding partner of EP Brand Communications, which delivers both marketing strategies and creative collateral - across all channels - to a wide range of B2B and B2C clients.
The sector areas he works in are equally broad and cover financial services, education, property, fashion, beauty, energy, restaurants and event management. Projects in these areas span the whole range of brand communications for both established businesses and launch companies' products and services.
He is also a visiting lecturer at London's Middlesex University's Business School, where he lectures to Master level students on marketing communications - strategy and delivery.
In his spare time Gerald loves hiking - preferably in the Swiss Alps, F1, tennis, running, fine dining and good wine. He has been married for 19 years, lives in London, and has two children, Sophie and Cameron.
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